Retro – Everything Old is New Again

When those of us of a certain age think about the style of the 70’s and earlier we recall the furniture that we grew up with and no longer find attractive. Individuals in their 30’s and 40’s have now come to embrace and enjoy the look when choosing furniture and décor for their abodes. […]


What Makes Us Happy In Our Homes?

BIG WINDOWS: Wonderful views of tree lined streets or a garden erupting with tulips makes one feel connected to the outdoors and nature. Let the sun shine in our windows to lift our spirits and warm our hearts. COMFORTABLE FURNITURE Who finds comfort in a straight back chair?! – Sit […]


Seven Deadly Decorating Sins

Foyer Neglect. Don’t let your entry hall fall prey to neglect.  New homes that have attached garages use the back door as the entry so the foyer does not get used often thus “Foyer Neglect”. Inproper Lighting. The proper lighting makes the room a place you want to be in.  […]

Timeless Choices In Tile

Subway Tile: During the 20th century Heins and LaFarge created a simple small rectangle tile to adore the tunnels of the infamous subways in New York.   Thus the name subway tile. The subway tile was known for its resistance to stain and germ absorption.  With color permanence and density they […]