Home staging to sell your home for top dollar

Having a hard time selling your home? Has it been on the market for months only to receive disappointing offers or worse yet – NO offers?! Here are some tips to get your home in its best shape yet so you can make that sale.



Clean out and organize your entire home, basement and garage. You want to show that the home has lots of living and storage space. Remove about one third of what is in your closets. Ideally there should be space between the hangers; your pantry should be clean and organized.



You need to mkae the home look like a model home. Remove family photos, religious aritcles and ethnic art. You do not want the buyer to be distracted from the appeal of the home. The buyer doesn’t care who lives in the home now. Removing emotional attachments will help the buyer envision where their personal touches might be placed in the home.



Carpets, furniture, window treatments – everything. Keep all garbage containers out of site. Remove odors; cleaning the furniture, carpet and window treatments will help. Do not use potourri or candles as buyers will wonder what you are trying to mask. A good suggestion is to make a batch of cookies or bread. Remove pets and litter boxes from the home for a showing. Make sure all surfaces are clean of finger and paw prints.


Create visual space

Everyone wants to think that they are getting a lot of home for their money. The more carpeting that is showing, the more spacious the area will feel. Create a traffic flow that is visually more spacious. Remove furniture and pottery that is taking up valuable floor space.