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Many individuals know exactly what they want; however, it’s difficult to figure out where to start or how to pull things together. It’s important to get a feel for the life style of a client. Asking questions about how the client lives provides insight into how to treat each room. In some cases, a home owner will start out by telling the design consultant what they like about a room, or a furniture piece, and what they’d like to see replaced. I prefer to work with what my clients already own, combined with a few new pieces of furniture, art, and accessories to breathe new life into a dated room.

A house, or a particular space, will tell me what it needs. Often times, rooms have limitations that a designer can identify and overcome. Placing opulent, large-scale fringed chairs in a great room of a mid-century home, would not fit that style of decor. That being said, if the items were a cherished family heirloom, perhaps the home owner and a designer could find a room that would be devoted to just that style. By selecting the correct wall color and art, a space can be created to tastefully showcase such heirlooms. Thinking outside the box, using what one owns, and compromising can create exceptional results.

It is imperative to discuss the budget, because a design consultant needs that information prior to planning for furniture, accessories, window coverings, and anything else a space requires. Good communication is essential for a successful outcome.

The entire process of using a design consult that has passion, energy, creativity, and a dash of humor yields a positive experience for both parties.


Nina incorporates pieces of your personality when considering design

Nina incorporates pieces of your personality when considering design


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