Retro – Everything Old is New Again

When those of us of a certain age think about the style of the 70’s and earlier we recall the furniture that we grew up with and no longer find attractive. Individuals in their 30’s and 40’s have now come to embrace and enjoy the look when choosing furniture and décor for their abodes.

tumblr_lxi0yaDhhq1qew3sbo1_500The series “Mad Men” did a great job of set direction period to the look that is now sought after in the design world. Catalogs like “West Elm” feature a 21st century take of the 70’s look. The following suggestions will help one re-create this look:

Current shades of brown, gold, orange and green are great choices. Pair orange with turquoise, sage green or bright yellow.

Geometric designs in art and fabric are in style now as well as owls. This look can be found at hobby and fabric shops.

Using local thrift shops, antique shops, your parent’s basement and eBay you can find great accessories and furniture to fit into your 21st century design. Mixing what you own with a few new accessories and furniture is a very personal look and not too staged.

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