Seven Deadly Decorating Sins

Foyer Neglect.

Don’t let your entry hall fall prey to neglect.  New homes that have attached garages use the back door as the entry so the foyer does not get used often thus “Foyer Neglect”.

Inproper Lighting.

The proper lighting makes the room a place you want to be in.  Vary the lighting in a room by adding dimmers and highlighting special features like a fireplace.

A Matchy-matchy Look.

Mixing patterns in carpet, window treatments and upholstered pieces gives a home a personality.

All White Woodwork.

An interesting look is white trim with dark stained doors or all white woodwork with a cherry red built in bookcase.  Don’t be afraid to bend the rules to get a unique look.

Everything Against the Wall.

Floating pieces of furniture (placing them away from the walls) creates a more interesting room composition and places people closer together.

The House of Beige.

Color makes us happy.  When was the last time you saw beige and smiled?  Don’t be afraid to try a new paint color.


Limit your collectibles in one location and collect until the space is comfortably filled.  Then STOP collecting or bring in one new piece and take another piece out.


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