Timeless Choices In Tile

Subway Tile:

During the 20th century Heins and LaFarge created a simple small rectangle tile to adore the tunnels of the infamous subways in New York.   Thus the name subway tile. The subway tile was known for its resistance to stain and germ absorption.  With color permanence and density they are an ideal choice for a sunny kitchen backsplash or for hygiene conscience homeowner’s bathroom.  Today’s subway tiles come in many finishes and colors.  Subway tiles used on walls or back splashes will give your home a timeless look.

l_68subway-tile-vessel-sinkTravertine Tile:

The Romans used Travertine tile to build the Coliseum so talk about using a tile that is historic!  Travertine tile is quarried out of Turkey and is from the limestone family.  Travertine is the most durable natural stone and can be honed and filled giving the tile a dull finish or brushed and chiseled for a more formal look.

Slate Tile:

When one thinks of visiting midcentury home memories of entry ways, breezeways and fireplace hearths adorned with slate tile come to mind.  The natural stone and random color choices were selected because of the natural beauty, durability and waterproof qualities.  Slate tile adorned many ranch style homes and was used in the Prairie style homes designed by Frank Lloyd Wright.

When building or remodeling consider the lasting and timeless look from the past.


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